Mysterious and sometimes hallucinogenic, RATS NEST builds a narrative out of the complexity and dialectical uncertainty that many people feel about being alive in the 21st century.This first full-length book by Mat Laporte introduces readers to a protoplasmic, fantastical underworld, as navigated by a self-reproducing 3D Printed Kid made especially for this purpose.As the Kid descends the layers of a seemingly never-ending pit, its nightmares and hallucinations—recorded in stunning detail—unfold in twelve chilling chapters of unreality that will make readers think twice about what it means to be a human (or humanoid) on the planet we call home.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Contents 6
Bottomless Pit 10
Total Horror 24
Negative Space 34
Circle of Pigs 46
Always Dark 70
Content Worms 78
Horst 90
The Arbor 102
The Council 110
Freeze Frame 128
The Staring Wall 138
Return of the Pit 148
Acknowledgements 160
About the Author 162
Colophon 164