To the Lighthouse

An Explorer's Guide to the Island Lighthouses of Southwestern BC

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To the Lighthouse

Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands are home to over two dozen active lighthouses. For over a century, these coastal beacons have guided ships through the fog and represented hope for countless mariners. Today, the lighthouses on BC’s southern islands are ideal destinations for day trippers and coastal explorers of all ages who are looking for historical sites in spectacular maritime settings.

To the Lighthouse: An Explorer’s Guide to the Island Lighthouses of Southwestern BC offers a comprehensive and fascinating look at these remarkable landmarks, blending practical information on location and accessibility with riveting facts, local lore, and gorgeous photography. From Fisgard Lighthouse, a National Historic Site at the mouth of Esquimalt Harbour, to the remote west coast sentinels of Cape Beale and Pachena Point, and from the isolated Cape Mudge beacon on Quadra Island to the community-supported restoration project at Sheringham Point, this book celebrates a unique culture of public service passed down through generations. To the Lighthouse is a travelling companion like no other.

Table des matières

Table des matières
To the Lighthouse 1
Contents 6
Foreword 9
How to Use This Book 11
Introduction: Towards the Light 14
Island Lighthouses of Southwestern BC 32
1: Sheringham Point 34
2: Race Rocks 43
3: Fisgard 51
4: Trial Islands 58
5: Discovery Island 66
6: Fiddle Reef 73
7: East Point 79
8: Active Pass 86
9: Portlock Point 94
10: Porlier Pass 101
11: Entrance Island 107
12: Ballenas Islands 113
13: Sisters Islets 119
14: Chrome Island 125
15: Cape Mudge 132
16: Carmanah Point 138
17: Pachena Point 145
18: Cape Beale 152
19: Amphitrite Point 159
20: Lennard Island 165
21: Estevan Point 172
22: Nootka 179
23: Pulteney Point 186
24: Quatsino 193
25: Cape Scott 200
Glossary 207
Appendix 211
Acknowledgements 212
Notes 213
Index 217
About the Authors 221